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Thanks to your overwhelming support, we got inspired to make 100% crowdfunded and raise 400.000 Euros to make this film.

Please support us here:

This figure is based on our estimated budget for our documentary trustWHO, which cost 400.000 in total and has been financed through public funding and TV broadcasters. For, we initially planned to raise the remaining money through public funding and TV partnerships. But in the wake of this situation, it is now clear to us that we have to remain independent in order to make this film. We should not rely on funding by TV-corporations and should push only one goal: understanding what is happening independently of corporate or state influence.

The triangular relationship between politics, science and media seems to be knocked off balance. We want to explore how this imbalance impacts us all.

We’ve already covered our research and initial filming with the money you have helped to raise. But on top of that, we still need funds for equipment rental, hiring local film teams abroad, payment of our staff, and later on things like colour grading, sound mixing or editing. We want to be transparent about how we spend the money on this film. If this is a crowdfunded project, we want to make sure you know exactly how we spend it. For that reason, we will publish our budget estimate for the film on our website to make it accessible to everyone.

A new beta version of website is ready, you can find the latest updates, budget plan, relevant research and more information here:

This isn’t the first health-related documentary we are producing. We know what we are doing and we know what we are up against when making a film about sensitive issues. Besides trustWHO, we have also made the documentaries Kids on Pills, The Pill: Atom Bomb of Contraception, Preying on Patients, Virus vs Bacteria – A Way out of the Antibiotics Crisis? or Disgustingly Healthy. 

We are qualified to do this. We are ready to do this. In fact, we are already doing it. But we want to and we need to take it further. 

Please continue to support us. Together we can make this happen!

And here’s the link to our trustWHO documentary:




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